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Proton Preve Review

Proton’s answer to C-segment sedans like the Hyundai Elantra, Honda Civic, Kia Cerato, Volkswagen Jetta, Toyota Corolla Altis, Ford Focus and Mazda 3 Sedan is the Proton Preve. The local sedan starts at RM 57,833 and tops off at RM71,317 with the Premium CVT variant.

Fuel Economy: 8.9 km / liter (11.2 L / 100 km), RON95, Mileage: 790 km / mo
I bought this car from Proton’s shop. Previously, this car was a driving test unit

Proton Preve Review


1) The price tag for this premium is pretty good
2) 6 air bags for 75k plus … far too good from Vios
3) rear disc brake
4) Have autoheadlight and auto wiper
5) Good size boot
6) If you are exploring around 80kmh-120kmh, you feel the cvt proton is really smooth
7) Great infotainment plus safety ..
8) a lot of useful information that happens on the screen
9) aircond is very cool, I like
10) paddleshift and turbo work together and feel great
11) Feel safe at every angle when riding and driving

Negative side:

1) why the hell is broken, I’m the first fan, then the damage to my radiator, then my aircond (in just 4 months of purchase)
2) The engine’s gearbox is really jerky if it’s slow
3) my preve is 1.6 turbo .. after 4 months running, the turbo is broken
4) only 4 months, i repeat im 4 months, engine oil clog the engine
5) The screen is too small, this car should compete with altis and civic
6) Red Proton looking meter is old school .. it’s like a 10 year old tech back … so rubbish, learn from your mistake?
7) if slowly and make its turn, the steering wheel is heavy
8) Door plastics are very cheap quality, learning from others will you how to make good quality doors
9) dashboard boards feel cheap .. which are cheap to look like 1994 accord cb4 looks better than preve ..
10) Because of God’s love, every thing is different from the Asian car. For example, the unlock key button is located in the console console, it does not make sense how I’m wrong anymore .. Do not copy europe for you?
11) speaker behind back seat, like what do you think proton? It’s not balanced to hear just the music behind
12) because it’s always broken, I need to check the car like every month .. it’s a good service center for me


To increase

1) Trying to make a good engine will you proton? (Learn from mistakes)
2) dear proton, custom gauge is so red .. please change it to a more friendly meter looking ..
3) If the proton really wants to change, please create a larger screen. This way it looks modern
4) requires more color choices, available colors are outdated, put the choice of dark blue color possible
5) door plastic designs need to be changed
6) please install speaker at door ..
Yes, I would recommend this car


Proton Preve Review

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