Proton Iriz first impressions

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The main genuine approach to recognize a 2017 model is through the shine dark grille decorate, which replaces the past silver (on 1.3 liter models) or chrome (on the 1.6) trim. The more unmistakable three-dimensional Proton badging front and back, presented on the Perdana, is additionally new.

Additionally presented are two new paint completes, the more lively Ruby Red ( from the Perdana ) and Carnelian Brown (from the Persona) – accordingly, the past saint shading, Citrus Green, has been dropped from the palette. The two-tone shading plan you see here is selective to the range-topping 1.6 Premium variation, and joins a Quartz Black complete on the entryway tops, rooftop and back spoiler.

The changes are more observable inside, with various things having been taken from Persona. These incorporate another gear lever with a side-mounted open catch, alongside a modified instrument bunch with new illustrations, white (rather than red) multi-information show backdrop illumination and an ECO Drive Assist marker for CVT models. The floor coverings additionally get a rougher sponsorship on all models to stop them moving everywhere.

The Premium model likewise swaps its full-cowhide upholstery for part-calfskin, with texture trim on the inward seat boards and entryway cards. That may appear like a downsize, however the fabric feels delicate, smooth and grippy, so it truly doesn’t feel like you’re missing out on much. You likewise get red sewing on the cowhide wrapped directing wheel, alongside red external trim on the floor mats.

In any case, the greatest change on the Premium model is another touchscreen infotainment framework that discard the past Android-based unit. Clients clearly griped about the old framework’s lethargy, so the better and brighter one is said to be speedier in its task. It’s not an especially appealing interface, but rather you can flip through the new unit’s capacities without breaking a sweat now, so it is a change.

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  1. Masalah Proton Iriz
    Memang masalah … aku pakai 1.6 premium …. baru pakai tak sampai sebulan , dah macam2 prob dah …
    Nie aku list kan ape yang prob dengan kereta aku.

    1. stereng senget + bergegar kuat jgak time ko start kereta.
    2. Span dahsboard terkeluar.
    3. Dashboard kiri kanan bunyi,macam longgar. Sakit hati aku dengar.
    4. Aircond punya suiz tu longgar tmpat pusg dia.punca mngeluarkan bunyi .
    4. Ada bunyi kat pntu dpn blah penunmpang klu kereta kau bergegar sikit.
    5. Navigation tak detect map.
    6. Power window belah pemandu macam gampang. Turun ok,tapi nak naik slow cam haram.
    7. Tingkap belakang klu naik bunyi mcm tikus.
    8. Sekarang kereta bunyi berdengung sangat. Amat2 tak selesa.mula2 ambil x terasa lagi,now dah terasa berdengung sgt.rasa pening je kepala.
    9. Meter minyak yang Km tu macam musibat. Minyak turun bukan main laju. Aku bawak bwah 100km/h minyak aku turun mcm air. Kekadang Stiap 2 or 3 second dia akn trun 1km padahal 1 km pon x sampai ak bawak. Apatah kalu bwak laju lg la….

    Serius memang aku sakit hati sangat. Kereta tak sampai sebulan dah jadi macam ni. First paymnt pon blum bayar lagi kat bank. No more proton after dis…. kualiti btul2 teruk .. nampak je macam gah. Tapi hampeh.


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