Perodua Myvi 1.5 2018

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Perodua Myvi 1.5 2018

From beginning to end, the new and old Myvi 1.5 were neck and neck, and they crossed the end goal together, while

the 1.3 liter model falled behind. This was meant the 0-100 km/h times we recorded – the new Myvi 1.3 Auto did the

keep running in 12.5 seconds, while the Myvi 1.5, both new and old, achieved it in 11.5 seconds.

Concerning taking care of, it’s strong, yet not incredible. It’s significantly more planted and stable contrasted with the

old Myvi by far, yet any semblance of the Iriz and Honda Jazz are still ahead. The directing now feels more

associated, and you require far less guiding adjustments when you’re going quick on parkways contrasted with the

old Myvi. It likewise handles corners with more certainty and less body roll, and there’s absolutely less of that

apprehension that was apparent in the old auto when things got quick.

Ride has likewise been progressed. Once more, it’s not exactly Jazz levels, but rather it’s a substantial change over

the old auto, particularly at low speeds. On parkway side trips, the more casual controlling, better NVH and more

agreeable seats improve this a long separation cruiser than the old one.


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