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Review Perodua Axia.

The name ‘Axia’, which is pronounced ‘a-zee-a’ or ‘A-xia’, is derived from the Greek word ‘ΑΞΙΑ’ (axia) which means value. The word Axia also resembles the word Asia but with the letter ‘s’ having been replaced by ‘x’ which represents the number ten, as the Axia is Perodua‘s tenth model.



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Review Perodua Axia

Spread the loveReview Perodua Axia  The grille takes on a more understated look with a two-piece element – the bottom part in gloss black and the top part in chrome. Below that you’ll find the familia...

Next-gen Perodua Axia with Myvi styling

Spread the loveThe whole plan component has been lifted off the new Myvi, all the more particularly the Myvi 1.3 Premium X. In any case, points of interest, for example, the headlights and front grill...

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