Next-gen Perodua Axia with Myvi styling

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The whole plan component has been lifted off the new Myvi, all the more particularly the Myvi 1.3 Premium X. In any case, points of interest, for example, the headlights and front grille are recognizably unique, with the previous being sleeker and all the more proportionately styled for the A-portion bring forth.

The grille goes up against a more downplayed look with a two-piece component – the base part in sparkle dark and the best part in chrome. Beneath that you’ll locate the natural chrome plated haze light that is highlighted by encasing chrome trims, but more emotional than those on the Myvi.

Somewhere else, the amalgam haggles board moldings are practically a duplicate of the Myvi, and the chrome plated entryway handles give a not too bad differentiation to the general profile.

The back is the place things get a mess additionally energizing. As a matter of first importance, the C-columns aren’t as stout as the Myvi, so it manages without the back quarter window, giving it a cleaner look. The inclining rooftop likewise includes a touch of physicality – simply like the Myvi, it’s topped off with a shark balance radio wire.

The back windscreen is somewhat less steep contrasted with the Myvi, and it directs the eyes down to the tail lights. Nothing extravagant here, yet the shape and effortlessness works fairly well for a supermini. The back end outline and back guard may isolate conclusion, so let us realize what you think in the remarks segment underneath.

By and large, it’s a significant average looker, yet to execute this look on a minute A-portion impression may end up being a genuine test – relatively outlandish without giving up some type of reasonableness.

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